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Handmade double card.

Beautiful textured paper.

Handsketched with felt tip pen.

Comes with a white envelope.

10 cm x 15 cm

Those cards are part of a limited series sketched by hand by Lala Ema during lockdown. As borders closed down one by one, this series of cards is a joyful tribute to the Mediterranean life style and a sunny summer.
Each of them is actually sketched by hand as the printer shop in Granada remained closed.

« In a time where travel was made impossible, my artwork is inspired by Mediterranean blues, a picnic in the field under a cherry tree, a simple fish lunch in Essaouira, mint tea in Tangiers or tapas in my beloved city Granada. »

Until October 2020, 10% of the sales of this product will be donated to the Banco de Alimentos de Granada (Granada Food Bank)

Product shipped via Spanish certified mail with tracking number.